Product quality inspection

Quality inspection

Radiation protection detection

High temperature detection, make sure the products can work properly in different environment.

Vibration test

Drop test

Aging test, every product will be fully burnt in testing before delivery. 

Electrostatic discharge detection

Power cord swing test

Production Process

Production Process.

Comply with the industry 4.0 tide, with the "technology + innovation" thinking to define the concept of Qunan Electronics, the pursuit of efficient automatic production. It has more than ten production lines such as CNC carving, PCB patch, assembly fitting and so on

Customized service manufacturers From China

DANDA Customized Customized service manufacturers From China,100 talents Introduction Database of Guangdong Province and many national and provincial awards.

R & D design.

With strong R & D technology, quality pursuit and production strength, the advanced face algorithm independently developed by Qunan Electronics has won many leading patents in the industry, highly recognized internationally, and accelerated the global layout. the business network covers Southeast Asia, America, the Middle East and other regions, with high-quality security products.

Product Features

Access control attendance. 

Real-time Send message  (Be on duty /off duty time attadance . Open the door permission can be set 

Temperature measurement alarm system(Temperature higher than 37.3℃ automatic alarm, temperature lower than 37.3℃ can pass through )

Record query. 

Multi-Language (Access records query, support global multi-language l playback, standard English application)

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